Product Update #3

As our mission is to help organizations build efficient collaborative processes at scale in the organization, we listen to every piece of feedback from customers and partners. In response to all the feedback we’ve received since our last product update, we delivered new capabilities to the App to help customers better address their needs. Here is the list:  

  1. Private Channel Governance with Microsoft Teams Template
  2. Approval Workflow: 1 Step Approval
  3. Yammer App in Teams Template
  4. Third-Party Tab and Custom Tab
  5. Hola a Todos! Salestim en Español 
  6. Salestim APIs: Collaborative Processes as a Platform
  7. Salestim and Power Automate
  8. Salestim SDK
  9. Salestim Trust Center  
  10. Infrastructure Improvement
  11. Salestim Partner Center 
  12. Microsoft Teams App Store
  13. Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure Co-Sell Ready

🔒 Private Channel Governance with Microsoft Teams Template 

Private Channels have been one of the most requested features from Teams Users. Not only because slack was addressing it, private channels are seen to be bringing a lot of value in many scenarios. Our customers brought us this feedback where (shared this idea with us as) they needed a Deal Room template getting a Legal and Pricing channels that are private (with private Legal and Pricing channels), because according to contracts they have with their customers, the sales department cannot share these elements with other colleagues. And there are many other examples. In this article you will take a deep dive into this feature and illustration of (explore) different scenarios with Private Channels in Templates.  

It’s quite simple to use in templates: add the private channels you want in the original team of the template.  

Define the right team settings.  

Add the template with this original team.  

And BOOM! You’ve created a Team that includes a private channel with default owners where users are not allowed to build private channels by default.  

It brings many other benefits, learn about Private Channels with Templates in the deep dive blog article and about the product feature in our help center.  

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☑️ Approval Flow: One Step Approval (soon)

When we started, one of the surprising things were, with such features as permanent owners / members and Audience Targeting, many organizations didn’t need any more Team Creation Approval for most of them. Still, in many scenarios, approval workflows can be required and valuable. For example, when you need to create a template for the teams of the leadership teams to manage the spread.  

Today we’re introducing a feature that allows you to set approval workflow at the template level, where you can choose up to ten people who are defined as approvers.  

After a Team request made by a user and where approval is set up, the approver will receive an actionable email in Outlook where she/he can approve or change the information in the request. 

Here is how to set up approvers in a template.  

This feature is soon to be published.

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📣 Yammer App in Teams Template 

We’re introducing several more tabs that are supported by the app in addition to the previous ones. Yammer was a strong requirement. Now you can bring the right Yammer Community to the right Teams at the template level or add relevant Yammer Topics.  

Learn more about how to use Yammer with Microsoft Teams Templates in our deep dive blog article.

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🗂️ Third-Party Tab and Custom Tab 

We now support any Third-Party Tab and Custom Tabs as configured in the replicated team.  

Power Apps and Microsoft Teams Templates by Salestim:


For example, with Cocoom, the Visual Knowledge Management App in Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Teams Template by Salestim:

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Hola a Todos! Salestim en Español  

We’re expanding the number of languages supported in the app. In addition of English and French, we now support Spanish as well.  

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⚙️ Salestim APIs: Collaborative Processes as a Platform (Beta)

As a first step, Salestim we’re realizing our mission of making Collaborative Processes efficient at scale through an advanced team templates technology including the structure, the content, and the right governance policies. 

Moving to a step further, we’re now making it possible to connect this collaborative process system to any Third-Party App through our Rest APIs.

And we’re extremely excited to see what the community will build around those APIs! It extends the possibilities and makes it easy for any developer to integrate with our Advanced Microsoft Teams Templates technology and improve any Collaborative Processes at Scale.  

Thinking about Salestim APIs, here are some examples of scenario from a business perspective:  

  • In sales, improve collaborative efficiency for your deal collaboration process: creating a team to collaborate on a deal as soon as the deal has been created in the CRM system.
  • In retail, make sure all the stores collaborate across the company: from your retail store management system, connect and generate at once all the teams for each store.
  • In IT, integrate with your existing self-service provisioning request portal.

Developer scenarios:  

  • Create a team based on a template from a Third-Party App 
  • Retrieve the templates built in a tenant 
  • Get notified when a team is created 

SalesTim APIs Explorer:  

Back in September, we’ll be launching a developer program to assist you and explorer potential scenario. Want to be part of this journey? Tell us here.

Learn more about SalesTim APIs in the Salestim Tech Center.

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🌐 Salestim and Power Automate 

Not a developer? SalesTim actions can be available through a custom connector in your tenant. You’ll have the ability to trigger the creation of a team based on any template in your organization from any connector listed in Power Automate Directory without any code!  


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🤖 Salestim SDKs (Beta) 

We’re very excited that in addition to the Salestim APIs we’re announcing the availability of the Salestim SDKs.  

We grant access to our node.js and PowerShell SDK available in beta.  

Node+ Expresse,  C#>.NET Core, AspDotNet Core, Salesforce Apex, are experimental.  

Learn more at  


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👩🏼‍💻 SalesTim Trust Center  

Since we evolve in the industry where security and privacy are key, we made these topics a core part of our development. We’re sharing now publicly the SalesTim Trust Center. With an extremely high level of transparency, we’re sharing details about the security in place in the app, in place internally at SalesTim, the infrastructure, the graph permission details, how data is treated, etc.  


Here are the different sections:  

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🚀 Infrastructure Improvement 

Over the last few months, SalesTim have been deployed in a variety of tenants in many regions. Facing this growth and to make sure we keep on this development pace we made a significant improvement to the infrastructure that lets us both scale and increase the level of security.  

SalesTim has now a complete microservice infrastructure and thas implemented Azure Front Door that lets us implement the following: 

  • SSL offload and application acceleration at the edge close to end users 
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Protection 
  • Global HTTP load balancing with instant failover 
  • Central control plane for traffic orchestration 

Learn more on our Trust Center 

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🤝 SalesTim Partner Center 

At Salestim, we love our partners. Starting to work with partners across the planet, we needed to find a way to share content and improve the way we work with partners and consultants at a bigger scale. We’re are opening our Partner Center.  

Any company that signs-up to will be able to get more information about our technology and the partner program, as well as to book a meeting with us to onboard as a SalesTim Partner.  

Once the agreement is signed, anyone from the partner organization will be able to access our content such as Sales Presentation, demo Scripts, etc.   


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🛒 Salestim is Available in the Microsoft Teams App Store

Salestim is available through the Microsoft Teams App Store since last February.


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💼 Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure Co-Sell Ready 

Salesim is working alongside Microsoft and following this journey, we’re now Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure Co-Sell Ready. This means that Salestim has reached the required milestone both technically and in terms of product value. This way, any seller at Microsoft is now able to refer to Salestim to any of their customers.

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