Helping Organizations with Covid-19 Crisis Management and Microsoft Teams Challenges – Our Commitments at nBold

As the COVID-19 is currently spreading across the world, I’m right now listening to the French president announcing confinement across the country, calling this time a “sanitary war”. Just like in Spain and Italy, an additional 60 million people will have to stay home and self-isolate. Everything is closed, and police will start to control people who are not respecting the rules.

If you’re not in this situation, you don’t realize how far that could go. You’ll certainly realize when those measures will be taken in your country. Undoubtedly, it will come.

Seeing all of that, having many family members directly concerned as they are doctors, we couldn’t just sit on the sofa and be spectators.

While we’re not LVMH offering tons of gel to hospitals or Microsoft offering Teams for free to anyone. Since we work directly around Microsoft Teams, Guillaume and I didn’t want to stay uninvolved in times of Covid-19 crisis. Of course, little compares to the contribution of medical workers. Still our team would like to help and bring positive impact to all the mess. At our own scale, with voluntarism and willingness.

Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly the N°1 app that is being used for remote work across the world. Many organizations that were lagging behind are in the process of deploying it at a quick pace internally so that people could work remotely. Many challenges are raised for different organizations all over the world that are adopting Microsoft Teams in a rush because of Covid-19 crisis.

Also, many Health and Education Organizations are struggling in being efficient with all their collaborative processes toward this crisis management and the use of Microsoft Teams. Facing both the issue of Teams Governance and making people work remotely easily with Microsoft Teams.

At Salestim our mission is to make every collaborative process efficient at scale in organizations through Microsoft Teams Templates and Governance Policies. Therefore, we can play a role here.

Today we announce that Salestim offers two things:

> Free Consulting Services for any organization who wants to deploy and promote Microsoft Teams

> Salestim Pro for Free for Public Education Customer and Public Health Organization for 6 months

Helping your organization work remotely – Free consulting services (English and French)

As Microsoft Teams experts, having worked on that app for the last 3 years both at Microsoft and in the ecosystem, we can share our knowledge, documents, methodology, tips and tricks toward anyone who wants to deploy remote working.

Salestim is offering free consultancy services for any organization all over the world who wants to deploy Microsoft Teams in their organization.

If you’d like to receive any information about one of these topics, feel free to reach out and book a 1-hour free consultation call with us concerning:

  • Microsoft Teams Adoption Program
  • Microsoft Teams Governance
  • Microsoft Teams for Managers
  • Microsoft Teams for remote work
  • Training Materials
  • Related Apps like SharePoint, Yammer, Office, Exchange
  • Microsoft Teams Naming Convention
  • Microsoft Teams Template
  • Microsoft Teams Data Management

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Helping Public Healthcare industries and Public Education customers with Collaborative Process, Microsoft Teams Adoption, and Governance during Covid-19 crisis

Public Educational institutions and Public Healthcare organizations are at the front. Education as they need to provide remote teaching services and healthcare as they need to collaborate through collaboration software as never before.

For all these challenges, Salestim is helping organizations with all their collaborative processes. We do so by building Microsoft Teams Templates and defining Governance Policies that are supporting teamwork at scale.

Today we announce that any Public Healthcare Organization and any public Education Customer who wants to use our template and governance technology can do so for free for 6 months, to better handle this crisis.

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