We create an unlimited number "n" of efficient workspaces to help organizations embrace collaborative work at scale.

We help “Bold organizations and people willing to take a leap forward to operational excellence through collaboration. 

How we started

At the very beginning, we saw ourselves as a practical tool that enhances the use of Teams. We were focusing on sales productivity, integrating Microsoft Teams and Salesforce.  

Feedback from our customers and partners made us realize that our product was far more than that! Project teams were delivering numerous projects in a more efficient way, sales deals were closed much faster, and all other collaboration processes became more consistent across the organization we serve. 

Therefore, we started to work on creating a unique collaboration technology on which any functional department across any industry can build its own business solution.  

What we are doing

After several years of growing and leading the way as SalesTim, we decided to evolve into nBold 

nBold is the Collaboration Process technology that provides customers with Collaboration Templates, Collaboration Governance and Connected Collaboration for any 3rd party app.  

How we’re doing it

We built an enterprise grade and Microsoft 365 ready technology to make it possible at scale in organizations. 
We created one of the very first Saas tools fully operating around Microsoft Teams and hundreds of other apps where you can bridge the gap between different platforms thanks to the nBold APIs capabilities.  

Supported by Microsoft

nBold has been selected among the 3 best Microsoft Teams experience in the world at the Microsoft Inspire 2019 conference in Las Vegas. We’re supported by Microsoft and work closely with their engineers to shape the best product for customers.

Co-Sell ready Partner

nBold app is in Microsoft Azure MarketPlace. We are ready to connect and collaborate with innovative partners and support our customers

Microsoft for Startups Program

nBold with thousands of other startups is developing the business with strong support from Microsoft. We are able to scale to millions of Microsoft Users.

M365 App Certification

nBold has reached a high level of security and compliance that is required for an enterprise-grade app integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem

Microsoft 365 App Certified

We’re very excited to share with you our Microsoft 365 App Certification. It acknowledges that nBold has reached a high level of security and compliance that is required for an enterprise-grade app integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem

Future 40 Station F

nBold has been selected for Future 40 by STATION F community. And our team was included in the Future 40 list – the most promising startups of STATION F, picked among 1.000 companies

Who we are

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Taher Ibnamer

Business Development Executive

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Product Marketing Manager

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Content Marketing Manager

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Customer Success Manager

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