nBold for Sales Directors

Sales processes made structured, consistent, and automated

"Sales professionals spend only 34% of their time on actual selling" - Salesforce

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Sales Collaboration Templates

With nBold you can create templates for any repetitive sales scenario that can be replicated as many times as needed. nBold supports copying of channel structures for focused discussions, sales playbooks and guidelines, file templates and key documentation, pre-built sales tasks as well as integrating any tool your teams use.

Delivered outcomes:

nBold enables sales teams to achieve consistency for each new bid,
deal, or account by providing them with a pre-built process framework

Seamless experience

You won’t even feel we’re there. Access templates from the Catalog built within your Teams window and create custom teams in seconds.

information flow

Connect your tools to Teams and use them from a single location. Access the data stored in other apps even without respective license.


Know the what, when, where and how. Everyone in the team is on the same page and can start collaborating immediately.

Bid Management

If your business competes for tenders, you may need to create a separate team for each proposal.  

Create a Bid Management Template so that your team can have a space for focused collaboration and immediate access all the required data. 

Win time and always stay ahead of the game.  


Deal Room

This is your digital sales room – a space that connects everyone in your organization working on a deal and incorporates all the necessary documentation and tools you might need to close a deal, including your CRM. 

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Account Management

Once you sign that big contract and get a new account for your business, you may want to have a separate team for it if it matches your business criteria.  

Get an Account Management Template that incorporates all the needed information, tools, and policies. Then, next time you win a new account, you have a custom workspace for your whole team to work on account-related topics. 

Account Management

Customer Onboarding

Depending on the business you run, the customer onboarding time and activities may take some time. For some B2B SaaS companies it can be a complex process that requires collaboration of several teams: Sales, Customer Support, and Product.  

To streamline this process, create a Template and use it for each customer onboarding.