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Templatize Processes

Turn your customers playbooks and guidelines into actionable collaboration templates with the same structure, essential content, and pre-built tasks. Make sure each customer has all the necessary tools to collaborate efficiently by templatizing repetitive processes.

BringOperational Excellence

Get the same level of execution from one project to another and scale it across the entire customer organization. Provide your clients with content, policies, procedures, and standard tools and bring operational excellence through collaboration.

We’re building a world class partner network to achieve our mission and make Collaboration Processes Efficient at scale. 

Align Everyday Apps

Forget about inefficient integrations and get everything needed in one place with Collaboration Templates. CRMs, project management apps, or even your internal platform – each tool for collaboration works in alliance to simplify your work and streamline collaboration.

Who can partner with nBold?

If you are on a mission to help organizations adopt collaboration at scale with a seamless experience, you are exactly at the right place! 

Our partners can even add more value by implementing their customized print which are adapted to customer needs and specific business scenarios. 

Whether you are a Freelancer, a small, medium, or large enterprise, we will support and help you along the way. 

Why partner with nBold?

The nBold Partner Network is an international community of partners that leverages expertise, innovation, and easy-to-implement solutions.

Our diverse network features hundreds of partners from more than 100 countries.

As a Partner, you will be positioned to help your customers take full advantage of what nBold technology offers, and accelerate their collaboration journey. 

Together, we will innovate, solve challenges, win deals, and deliver value! 

How to partner with nBold?

Visit our Partner Center and login with your Office 365 Account.

Learn more about our platform and get access to our internal documentation. 

Join our Community and improve your customers’ collaborative processes with our 24/7 support.

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Supported by Microsoft

nBold has been selected among the 3 best Microsoft Teams experience in the world at the Microsoft Inspire 2019 conference in Las Vegas. We’re supported by Microsoft and work closely with their engineers to shape the best product for customers.

Co-Sell ready Partner

nBold app is in Microsoft Azure MarketPlace. We are ready to connect and collaborate with innovative partners and support our customers

Microsoft for Startups Program

nBold with thousands of other startups is developing the business with strong support from Microsoft. We are able to scale to millions of Microsoft Users.

M365 App Certification

nBold has reached a high level of security and compliance that is required for an enterprise-grade app integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem