How to Use Microsoft Teams- List of Free Resources

This article is dedicated to training resources around the use of Microsoft Teams. Let’s talk about who can benefit from this list of resources.

  • You don’t know how to organize remote work in your organization 
  • Your company just started to use Microsoft Teams
  • Maybe you have already used the app, but you still have questions about effective work with this software
  • Your administration is planning to replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams
Video Call in Microsoft Teams

Firstly, let’s discuss Teams main features.

Sustainable Communication  

Microsoft Teams is an ideal software for your team communication. By using it you are able to build different business Channels and interact there through: 

  • Channel Chat 
  • Personal Chat
  • Video Calls  
  • Posts in Channels  

In addition, you can share all your information with team members and know that no piece of content will be lost. 

Microsoft Teams communication

Sharing Documentation in Microsoft Teams

During your daily activities, you work with tons of files and documentation. With Teams you can work quickly and effectively on each your important docs:

  • Share important documentation through relevant Channel in Private or Public teams 
  • Work online on your documents  
  • Share links and work together with SharePoint 
  • Share training materials, documents, a website with Tabs 
Microsoft Teams Documents

Customization with additional software

Next, you can personalize your Teams workspace and use any additional application that you can find in Microsoft Store. For example, the following is a list of useful apps that we use in our daily activities: 

  • Microsoft Office 365 package with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more 
  • Planner with tasks, goals, and deadline  
  • SharePoint to work on documents together 
  • Wiki Tabs with our internal tools and external website  
  • Salestim with Microsoft Teams Template and Governance Policies  

For more tips check out the EasyTweaks Blog Article. They described 40 best Microsoft Teams tricks with Stocks, Trello, Power BI, and more integrations.

Thus, we can talk endlessly about Microsoft Teams features. However, our main goal today is to gather all the information in one place for you to get familiar with Teams easily. 

Download it for free and learn how to use Microsoft Teams

You have downloaded the software on your Mac or PC. What’s next? You can intuitively press on many buttons, but it will not be time efficient and your Teams adoption will probably become a long and frustrating process. 

After talking with our customers we recognized that there are some most frequently asked questions. 

To help you answer all the questions you might have, check the list of relevant training information to explore and start using the program. There are different parts, depending on your position in the company (e.g. content for end-users or Microsoft 365 admins).

Finally, choose between different forms of training materials, such as video, articles or guides. 

Start using Microsoft Teams

  • Article describing steps from creating a teem to planning your org-wide roll-out. Quick start
  • Video resource explaining all main steps during the start. Get started
  • Teams 9 videos playlist with QuickStart instruction for IT specialists and end-users. Video Playlist
  • Download the Simple Poster, explaining daily activities with Teams for your Remote Workers
How to use Microsoft Teams remotely

Resources for End-users

  • Free online training with videos and articles for end-users. Get it.
  • Video about supporting remote workers. In addition, check out related links in the description with more free resources.
  • Download the free Guide about Microsoft Teams basics. Know how to use Channel Chats, work on files and add your favorite apps:

Information for team owners

(Team owners are able to manage teams: create a team, add or remove members, change settings, etc.)

  • Quick instruction: How to add guests to a team in Microsoft Teams. Read now
  • Every Teams member has different permission. Read about different capabilities of team owners, members, and guests

Resources for Office 365 admin and IT users

  • Articles and videos for admin users with best practices and documentation in the Teams Help Center. Free Training 
  • Learn how to manage app setup and permission policies, as well as custom app settings and policies. Admin Setting for Apps 
  • Check out IT Documentation around Teams architecture, Adoption hub, and Teams developer platform. Microsoft Teams technical documentation 
  • Article with screenshots and code examples about user access management. Read it now
  • Explore the content about dynamic membership management with Office 365 and Azure AD. Read the Blog Article
  • 39 min of free training for developers: “Introduction to building apps for Microsoft Teams”. Start free training

Video for Remote Education Process

Learn how to adapt Microsoft Teams to your educational process. These videos will be useful for Schools and Universities, as well as for students and administration.

Online classes and lectures with all your students. Part 1 class setup
Online classes and lectures with all your students. Part 2 schedule online meetings

About Meeting in Microsoft Teams

  • Article explaining how to join a meeting in teams by link, from the calendar, from chat and more. “How to join a meeting in Teams
  • Learn how to record a meeting. This useful tool allows you to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activity. Read the article.
  • 9 tips for best practices during meetings performing. Read the blog.

Adoption Process

  • Download and share with your team the free guide around the adoption process. Find there the videos about program Features and 3 steps Adoption Process. Get it now
  • Video for IT specialists around the adoption process with communication and validation. Watch the video
  • Download the free Guide for a better understanding of the Microsoft Teams Adoption process. Free Guide

In addition 

  • Explore step by step how to switch from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Useful content for current Skype for Business Online or Server Read the article. Read the article
  • Tons of content in French with Teams training videos, articles, guides and even some advice around Covid-19 way of co-working. Check the Sway Microsoft
  • Free Microsoft Teams course about Enabling Teamwork. After finishing the online course, you can pay for the official and verified certificate. Enroll now!

We hope this list was useful for you. Now you can pass the training, learn tons of helpful information and share knowledge with your team. 


As for our team, we know everything about Microsoft Teams. We humbly call ourselves experts and we are glad to share our knowledge with you:)

Still have a question? Salestim is here to help you. Book a call for a free consultation with our team around Microsoft Teams usage. We will help you find the ideal business solution.

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