nBold Product Update #2

For the last few months, we’ve been busy shaping a product that meets our customers’ needs and that both our customers and partners will love!

After having deployed Salestim in more than 100 Office 365 Tenants and receiving several hundreds of feedback on our product and what is needed, we decided to shape a slightly different product.

Not only on Sales, but Salestim is focused on Collaborative Processes Efficiency at scale in the organization for any persona. Crisis Management, Construction Site Collaboration, Project Management, Department Level Collaboration, Salestim is on its path to let anyone improve their collaboration efficiency at scale in the organization.

We’ve worked a lot in the background to achieve this mission. And we’ll start to release many new features that will make possible to realize this.

For this month we have a bunch of new updates:

🎨 A New Design is here!

Salestim has a new design, we pushed that just recently! You’ll notice a nicer and cleaner interface at the different steps of the experience.

Home Page

Cleaner button, and a new search box, letting you search any team you belong to!

+ New Team 

A new experience of the + New Team Page. Simpler and fully clickable.

You’ll discover cleaner buttons also, and some new ones, such as + New team so that you can start and test the creation of a team from any template right from the catalog.

That’s not all.

Responsive Design

We’re also preparing the future. Microsoft will support 3rd Apps into mobile. So all the new design is made for mobile.


In terms of loading, you’ll see lots of improvements. It’s loading faster on the home page and the catalog page.

📂📚 Files Support in Templates

We’re excited to announce that we just released our highest requested feature so far!
Now you can clone your 📚 Files stored in teams channels (technically in SharePoint document libraries) across Microsoft Teams templates! It means that you can replicate all the folder’s structure and documents across multiple teams, enforcing quality and efficiency in your organization. Have look to that:

It’s especially useful for:

📚 Sharepoint Document Library and Office Tabs

What if you want to want to bring reference documents and materials that are stored in a SharePoint library to every project management team created in your organization?
Now you can deploy SharePoint libraries and Office documents at scale in your organization though Microsoft Teams templates!
To include your content, just add a new tab in your template team:

And boom! Your tab is automatically replicated to any team created from this template!

🚀 Adopt 📋 Microsoft Forms at scale through Microsoft Teams!

At SalesTim, we’re huge fans of Microsoft Forms, using it for various scenarios, trial requests, customer surveys, etc…

Now you can deploy Microsoft Forms at scale in your organization through Microsoft Teams templates!

Let’s say you have a Microsoft Teams template “GDPR Data erasure request”, pre-filled with reference 📚 documents about GDPR, and 📅 Planner tasks that need to be fulfilled.
To include your form, just add a new 📋 Microsoft Forms tab in your template team:

Note that you can include your forms in two ways:

  • “Collect responses”: Ready to be filled form
  • “Show results”: Shows a summary of responses

📝 Language at the template level

Language can be set up at the template level so that the service account messages can be also displayed in other languages. As of today, English and French are supported in the product overall. This feature will follow the languages supported in the future.

✔ New Help Center

A brand new help center is now available. You’ll find on https://help.salestim.com complete documentation of everything needed to install and use Salestim.

With these sections:

💪 Quality improvement

Beyond design and features, we’ve been hardly working on the increase of the quality on all our app. We won’t develop too much as this can be boring 😆 but in few points:

We re-engineered our provisioning process: for the ones who worked on that topic, they know how this can be hard to get consistent provisioning of teams with all the feature as we do. All the process is now stronger than ever, as a user, you’ll see that.

That’s all for this product update. As shared we’ll get back soon and will share new things coming in the product, that will make it even more awesome!

We would love to get your feedback on all these evolutions. We’d love to hear from you, partners and customers so that we shape the best product. Don’t hesitate to launch a conversation with us right now with the messenger on the bottom right :).

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