nBold Joins the HubSpot App Marketplace

You asked, we listened! nBold is highly committed to make collaboration process efficient at scale for any company on the planet. Today we announce that we are extending our capabilities to all HubSpot CRM users to streamline sales collaboration processes such as Deal Collaboration or Key Account Management in deep connection with Microsoft Teams.

Now you can find the nBold app listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace!

The new solution allows users to automatically create custom fully equipped workspaces in Microsoft Teams from key HubSpot records. They contain all essential tools, file templates, tasks, documentation and key data and ensure smooth information flow between sales reps and their colleagues from other teams.

Here’s what you can get:

Pre-built teams for key HubSpot records

Translate your sales playbook into your own Collaboration Templates for any sales collaboration scenario – sales deal, key account, customer success, and others. Add all required data – from channel structure and documents to integrated apps. You can use these templates to automatically create teams for relevant HubSpot records.

Deal Rooms for relevant Opportunities

Get ready-to-go fully equipped Deal Rooms in Microsoft Teams whenever a relevant Opportunity appears in HubSpot. Set up filters such as Opportunity stage and Deal Amount to trigger automatic team creation and start collaborating straight away – having everything you need to successfully work on a deal already in place.

Key Account Rooms for major Companies

Collaborate on your major accounts through Key Account Rooms in Microsoft Teams. Get channels for all deals associated with the Company, receive automatic notifications about important changes in the Company’s records, and work together with your team on the account matters from one location.

Teams notifications about record updates

Your Digital Sales Rooms are live – they reflect all important changes happening in HubSpot. So, whenever a key event occurs in your CRM – e.g. Opportunity Stage or Deal Amount change – your team members will be automatically notified, allowing them to always be in the loop about important HubSpot updates even without respective licenses.

Cross-team alignment

Digital Sales Rooms bring together sales reps and members of other teams working on the same deal or account. Due to seamless integration of Teams and HubSpot, everyone is updated on key events happening in the CRM through Teams notifications and always know what to do, having all key data, tasks, and tools readily available.

At nBold, Microsoft Teams and HubSpot are one of those tools that we open first thing when turning on our computers. And of course, we were the first ones to try out the integration.  

It helps us better align the entire team while working on closing important deals. We now have more time to focus on sales activities since all the data is centralized, shared automatically and is easily accessible to everyone. Collaborating has never been easier.

See in action

HubSpot’s App Partner Program is an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations.  To learn more about the integration, head over here.

About nBold

nBold is a Collaboration Process Technology that enables organizations to create custom templates for any collaboration process and provide their teams with the data, tools and policies they need.

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