Announcing: Future 40 by Station F

Today we are pleased to share with you that SalesTim has been selected for Future 40 by STATION F!🚀

This means that our team was included in the Future 40 list – the most promising startups of STATION F, the biggest startup incubator in the world, picked among 1.000 companies. And we want to thank you!

Thank you!

This wouldn’t have been possible without our community, our customers and our partners. So, we wanted to first say thank you to all who are supporting us in this amazing journey. We’re on a mission to make collaborative work efficient at scale for any organization across the planet. Thanks to your feedback, your support and the conversations we’re having with you all, we’re shaping this product; we’re engaging new customers and getting news partners. Now we’re picked into Future 40. Thank you!


What is Future 40?  

Station F is an amazing place that brings together thousands of startups from all over the world.  Here, the founders of businesses work together and exchange experiences to benefit our society.  It hosts training, seminars, meetings with investors, and much more.  This is where SalesTim grows and develops to provide customers with the best possible service. 

Future 40 is a selection of the most promising startups. To select these startups Station F team was focused on different criteria in terms of traction, growth, potential market, team, etc. All of them operate in various sectors such as biotech, AI, med-tech, gaming, and more.   

You can discover other amazing sturtups in Future 40 list here.

During the online event today, every Future 40 Startup had the opportunity to tell inventors, business angels, and members of the press about their product.

More about SalesTim 

We work for our clients to provide high quality and innovative services.  Our product helps organizations around the world improve collaboration processes in Microsoft Teams.  Read more about our product.

The technologies we use, provide a high level of security and compliance, as evidenced by the recent Microsoft certification received: Microsoft 365 App Certification

We are happy to be in the Future 40 groups and will continue to develop for the benefit of our customers.  

Thank you again and there will be more to come! 🚀 

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