How a Sales AI Assistant Can Automate Tedious Tasks & Help Free-Up Your Time

As someone who is at the helm of an organization, taking your company to an all new level is the first priority always. But how do you take out time for important tasks, when daily operational responsibilities divert your focus? The answer to this every arising question is with the help of a Sales AI Assistant.

Artificial intelligence or AI as we all know is taking the world by a storm. Almost every business and non-commercial organization is benefiting from this technology. The best part about utilizing the same is that it can be adapted to suite institutes or teams of different capacities.

The way that a Sales AI Assistant can help you is by automating all your daily tedious tasks. Since these need to be done every day or at frequent intervals, they can hoard most of your precious time. Thus, switching to a systematic and automated process is always a good idea for the business.

However, if you still need a little more convincing as to why Sales AI Assistants are a saving grace, then here are a few more reasons.

Reasons You Need a Sales AI Assistant

1. Get more selling time

Every individual related to the field of sales knows that time is one of the biggest drawbacks that they face. A typical sales rep would spend 65% (Forbes, 2018) of his work hours attending to non-revenue generating work. It usually happens because of the daily responsibilities of an organization. But when you incorporate a Sales AI Assistant to your working mechanism, you can simply increase your selling time by almost 40%. This can further be utilized to promote or up-sell the business.

2. Say “NO” to losing contacts

One speaks to so many different people while promoting the business and trying to convert them into a potential lead. But there are times when you might lose these contacts. On an average 30% (Brian Williams, Brevet)  of your contacts are never followed-up, due to work pressure or negligence. This results in a loss of contact over a certain period. Instead of counting on your personal assistant for managing your contacts or network details, you can simply use a Sales AI Assistant. It will allow you to save yourself from human error and not having to lose information ever again.

3. A trustable sales assistant

The first task of your day as a manager or team lead is to delegate work to your sales assistants. However, almost 25% (Josh Horstmann, SBI, 2017)of these tasks are never completed in the due course of time. For this, you need a trustable sales assistant, who can get done with all your delegated work, within the given time frame. Due to the automated process and extreme speed of a Sales AI Assistant, 100% of the work assigned will be completed successfully. This is yet another reason, why you need a Sales AI Assistant in your life.

4. Not having to remember everything

It is impossible for any human being to remember every little business detail. This goes for everything including the emails that you have sent, and the telephonic conversations that you may have had with potential clients. Generally, one would only be able to remember 50% (Classic Posts, Work-Learning Research, 2010)of the conversations or communication strings. But this is not true when it comes to a Sales AI Assistant. Due to such robust and modern technology, you can save all the information easily. Moreover, you can even pull-up past data or records whenever you need to refresh your memory.

5. Easy communication

Communicating daily tasks to your team members can be a tricky thing. As human beings, one can sometimes forget certain details that needed to be passed on. This happens more than often, as 32% (Bruce Berger, IPR, 2008) of the sales managers struggle with the same. Besides, it even requires a lot of time on your part, as well as needs a systematic communication chain. With a Sales AI Assistant, you can enjoy the benefit of easy communication on the go always. All you need to do is ask your virtual or AI assistant to do or remember something, and it will be completed within minutes.

6. Less manual efforts

The last and most obvious reason, why a Sales AI Assistant is highly recommended is in regards to your manual efforts. With the help of this technology, you can complete all your tedious tasks, without actually having to sit down and do them yourself. In other words, it reduces your manual efforts by a good 70% to 80% (Chris Gulbinovic, Teamgate, 2017. Moreover, it is not only a hassle-free way of working but is also a smart one!

Tasks That Can Be Automated With Sales AI Assistant

For anyone who is planning to try the new Sales AI Assistant, it is important to know the tasks that it can automate. Because only by having the right kind of knowledge, will you be able to make the most of your AI sales assistant. Hence, here is a small list that we have created!

1. List of upcoming meetings

The first task that can be automated using a sales AI assistant is regarding your upcoming meetings. Based on your calendar and its schedule, an AI business assistant can create a list of your meetings for the day. This allows you to save on precious time, and will also keep you from having to view your calendar time and again. Besides, you will be able to check the details of your upcoming meetings anytime and anywhere.

2. Updates regarding your account

With every new day, one first has to check through the updates of their account. This is done in order to start the same in the right context. Usually, account related updates can include things like the emails or inquiries, that you may have received. With the help of a Sales AI Assistant, you can now get an overview of the same in advance. Moreover, the use of automation takes away the monotony of this task.

3. Preparing CRM for meetings

Before you can actually walk into a meeting, there are many things that you need to prepare. One of them is regarding CRM or Client Relationship Management details. These details are crucial when it comes to converting a potential lead into a business account. With the help of a Sales AI Assistant, you can automate this particular task easily. This way your digital assistant, will put together all the relevant details regarding your clients. So, you don’t have to waste your time anymore.

4. Syncing data with Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most prominent software being used all around the world for Customer Relationship Management. However, a business or organization still needs to sync their client data to the software, in order to achieve results and frequent updates. Instead of manually syncing data with the application, you can use a Sales AI Assistant to automate the process. It is also a less expensive method, then hiring a full-time in-house personal assistant.

5. One click information sharing

The next important task, which cannot be skipped in an organization, is information sharing. Usually, one would have to send out emails manually, in order to do the same. The other option is calling the individual and verbally giving them all the instructions or information. However, this is yet another situation where a Sales AI Assistant can be very useful. You can simply create a template of the information, and send it out with a click of the button.

6. Scanning for new contacts

With so many different inquiries and emails, that a business receives on a daily basis, it is difficult to browse through all of them at once. For this, you can utilize a Sales AI Assistant, which will allow you to scan the information for new contacts. By doing so, you will be able to create a list of potential leads within no time. Furthermore, you can use this information to revert back to them whenever possible.

7. Syncing contacts with accounts

Another painstaking task that you need to do is syncing of contacts with your account. Imagine you have to go back and forth, between your contact book and email account, to find the relevant details. This is not only a time-consuming thing but also irritating to a great extent. Thus, a Sales AI Assistant can always come in handy!

8. Preparing sales pipeline reviews

Managing the sales of your business or organization requires creating strategic plans. For this, you need to go through a lot of information and put it in a systematic order. So that a sales pipeline can be designed. Moreover, such plans act as a reference for all the upcoming stages. Hence, getting your sales pipeline reviews automated can be a good idea.

9. Cleaning-up the sales pipeline

After you have gone through certain stages of the sales pipeline, it needs to be cleaned up, in order to reduce confusion. This allows you to follow a certain process without getting deviated. Like every other task listed above, this too can be automated using a Sales AI Assistant. Overall, with the help of artificial intelligence, you will be able to manage your sales pipeline in a more efficient way.

10. Managing CRM data conversationally

Due to the complexity of CRM software and applications, reading through the data can sometimes be challenging. The only way to deal with this is by managing CRM data conversationally. For this, you can count on a Sales AI Assistance without any doubt. It represents the data in a simple structure, which makes it easy to understand and gather.

Since now you know everything regarding how a Sales AI Assistant can automate your daily tasks. Make sure that you enjoy its benefits and turn your business into a more productive organization.

To do so, we recommend you get in touch with us and try our Salestim Business Assistants!

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