AI for Salespeople, 12 Apps you can use today!

AI is everywhere, and it will change the way all people work. If you’re not convinced, check this McKinsey Global Institute study “Artifical Intelligence, The Next Digital Frontier?”, you’ll learn many things! Including that sales, will be one of the areas that will be most impacted. And it has already started.

In this article, you’ll find all the AI Sales Assistant that will help you to achieve more as a Sales Executive or a Sales Manager.

Here is a list, as of January 2019 of all the concretes realization of AI for Sales :


Talking to the right people, at the right time. As a sales executive, I’m sure you’re facing this issue. The Assistant helps sales in the interaction with customers and prospect by directly reaching out to them. Once the contact is identified as relevant, time for you to close! There are so many advantages in that: it frees up time for sales, every lead has a follow-up, it lets sales to focus their time on the right opportunities, etc. The cool thing is that you can personalize the assistant, give the name you want, email, business hours interactions and more.


Increasing the number of leads, reducing the time from the first conversation to demo, improving your conversion rate, this is all Drift is promising. And this, through a bot or intelligent email conversations with your prospects. Set up email sequences, with the right prospects it schedules a meeting with your prospect. Also, in accordance with your ABM (Account-based Marketing) strategy, it lets you jump in when you have your VIP Prospect in the conversation. More, Drift helps also marketing teams, not only sales, but it lets you also identify anonymous lead and personalize conversation.

Salesforce Einstein

You’re using Salesforce? Einstein will help you everywhere you need it in Salesforce. First, intelligent lead scoring, Salesforce Einstein indicates you the score on every lead, relying on actions from prospect and machine learning based prediction. The more actions and usage of the system, the more it will be accurate in the prediction. What about a given opportunity or an account? With data from Salesforce default field, emails and calendars, Einstein gives you insights on the close date, gives key moments to follow up with them and a lot more. As an example, if you receive a different email where natural language processing evaluates it as negative Einstein will question you on the coming close date in a few days.

Salesforce Einstein


Scheduling meetings is time lost. Especially when you have a busy agenda, you need to pick up the right room for a demo and have to set up a video call with Zoom. Lucky you! X.AI is here. When you have an inquiry for a call or a meeting, no more work is required. Specify the meeting modalities with a video a call or not, booking a room or not, the place, and X.AI will figure out with your contacts. Integrated with Salesforce CRM, ZOOM, Intercom and Slack, if you’re a user of these apps, X.AI is definitely if you want to solve the issue around meeting scheduling with your prospects.


As a Sales Executive or a Sales Manager, we know how forecasting is key to business performance. And for that, sales teams need to manage well their opportunities, have a healthy pipe and manage their forecast. This is all Clari is about. Clari captures all your CRM Data, in sync with email, meetings and files activity, analyzes the all, with machine learning and AI. Clari identifies risks and surface predictive insights around every opportunity. It understands the health of the pipeline and gives you a projection of your pipeline based on AI. is on a mission to bring friction-free selling through a new System of Workflow for Sales. is a personal assistant for sales an entire app that connects to CRM and assists you as a sales executive in every task you perform. It gives you 360° insights throughout all the different system such as contacts, accounts, opportunities, Linkedin, email and more. More, has a conversational voice feature. Meaning that when you drive your car you can directly interact with your CRM with typing! Plus, it integrates with Google Drive, Salesforce, Intercome, Zendesk and many more.


What’s the Next Best Action? How to follow my sales playbook? As a sales leader how to ensure everyone is following the right path? Olono is here for that. It’s real-time guided selling. Olono delivers the Next Best Actions that improve win rates and quota attainment. Ensuring everyone is following the steps, Machine Learning Actions correlates people and data to sort out patterns and risks to optimize day after day the sales framework. It integrates with all the Apps where customer data lives such as Salesforce CRM, Office 365, Slack, Evernote, and many more.

You’re both a Salesforce and Slack user? Many of your slack users collaborate with sales executives? And these users do not have access to CRM because it would be too expensive? is here! Troops enable sales teams to collaborate on deals in Slack, share intelligent reporting from Salesforce, let you do your pipeline management directly from Slack and have a full conversational CRM in Slack. Interesting also is that Troops also addresses other scenarios such as Marketing, Sales Development or Customer Success, with workflows tied to each role.


We know it. Most prospects conversations occur on the e-mail channel. Having a relevant conversation can help you to drive more value to your prospect. Saleswhale is a conversational marketing platform that helps you with that. It provides businesses with an AI assistant to help engage, qualify and book meetings for their sales team, at scale. The interesting feature here is the ability to build different conversation funnels based on your different personas. With those conversations, Saleswhale also captures all the different data and enrich your CRM with it.

Free up time to your sales executive so that they can focus on the right prospects. offers an AI-Powered sales assistant automation platform. Over email and chat offer a meeting scheduler, a lead qualification system and a Dynamic Lead Nurturing system. In addition to the natural language processing with conversations, Machine Learning here learns from all the sales interactions to create more meaningful conversations that close more.

As a Sales Director, for sure you need to bit budget. For that, you need an accurate sales forecast, strong pipeline management, an up to date CRM and a performant sales team. helps you in all these tasks by Sales Forecasting and pipeline management features with Risks identifiers. And also a coaching system through SMS and Slack to ensure sales have the right behavior and apply your sales playbook at scale. integrates with Salesforce and Dynamics CRM

Zoho Zia

For Zoho CRM users, Zia is the built-in conversational AI sales assistant by Zoho CRM. Acting a bit like Einstein, you can also chat with Zia so that you can access directly to your CRM data through chat. You can also talk to Zia, Zia acts as a voice assistant around all your sales activity. Zia analyzes the data each sales rep enters and the tasks they complete every day to predict the outcome of sales activities. And not the least Zia also analyze data from your customers with sentiment analysis.

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