Microsoft Teams Templates

Create structured collaborative spaces in Microsoft Teams designed around your business needs. Build your own Microsoft Teams templates with channels, files and folders, tabs with apps, and more.


Microsoft Teams Templates?

Here is how you’ll benefit from
using Microsoft Teams templates

Improved Collaborative Process

With Collaboration Templates by nBold, you can improve your collaboration by creating consistent teams with all the content across your organization.

Your Own Template Catalog

Build your own templates catalog for any use case: Project Management, Sales Deal Room, Key Account Management, Construction SIte, and so on.

Mission-Oriented Content

Get teams created in a few minutes with standard and private channels, files and folders, set of tasks, customized tabs with apps, the right settings, and more.

Standard and Private Channels

Get teams created from Microsoft Teams templates with pre-built standard, private, and shared channels. Allow your team members to collaborate in a structured way and have more focused discussions.

Files and Folders Cloning

No need to upload files and create folders for each new team. All the content added to the template will be copied to all new teams: guidelines, templates, codes of practices, etc. Read more

Planner Template

Organize your team activity by creating standard tasks for a specific Template. Build just once at the template level, and each new team will get an action plan when a new project starts Read more

Tabs with Apps

Incorporate any Microsoft or third-party app with Microsoft Teams templates. Your teammates will have all the tools they need ready in one place. Explore our ready-to-go templates with Yammer, SharePoint, Forms, etc. Read more

Explore Different Use Cases

Microsoft Teams Forms template

Project Management

Collaborate efficiently on every new project with a Project Management Microsoft Teams template. Get a pre-built collaborative workspace with relevant content for each new project. Read more

Account Management

Build strong relationships with your key customers and work on deals together with your colleagues. Get the same level of execution from one account to another with Microsoft Teams templates. Read more

account management planner template

Construction Site

Create a new team for each construction project with a pre-built set of tasks, documents library, structured reporting process, employee management system, and more. Read more

Department Collaboration

Get identical teams from one department to another with Microsoft Teams template for department collaboration. A steering committee, files management, SharePoint Sites – everything in one place. Read more

Get Your Own Catalog

Microsoft Teams Use Cases Catalog

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