10 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams is Right for Your Business

With remote work becoming a new norm in the light of the pandemic, the use of digital team collaboration tools is on the rise. The question is how to choose from all of them? While the answer seems obvious to us, you probably need some convincing if you’re reading this article😉. Which is why we outlined 10 reason why your organization should use Microsoft Teams.

1. Structured workspace

Microsoft Teams is definitely the way to go for your business if you’re looking for a tool that will keep your workspace well-organized. You can create teams for each department, working unit or project that your company undertakes. This sets up a structure for effective collaboration, inviting the right people to work together on common tasks.

Within each team you can build multiple channels to cluster your project into different topics. Thus, you’ll avoid miscommunication over where to share documentation and start conversations.

Additionally, this structure makes it easier to store and search for data within teams.

You can also build private channels that will be visible only to specified individuals, who can also be guest users.

Each channel contains three default tabs – Posts, Files and Wiki – and your employees can add more. Just pin the most important and frequently used documents, apps and web pages for easier and quicker access.

2. Empowered collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the right solution for your business if you wish to empower and facilitate teamwork. It eliminates the need to use emails for internal communication, which, let’s be honest, is a huge relief. You no longer need to go through multiple emails to find the right file that your colleague sent some time ago, then edit it and send it back. This way, you avoid duplication and chaos in your file storage.

Neither do you need to wait for your colleague to send an updated version of a file – everyone in your team can work together on documents in real time. They can make changes, add comments, and share feedback right in the file. You can also track any changes and who they were made by in the edit mode. This capability saves a lot of time and increases your team’s productivity.

3. More flexible and interactive meetings

Meetings with Microsoft Teams are one of the most interactive and the closest to real-life experience you can find out there.

Its together mode and custom layout capabilities allow users to feel more connected during a virtual meeting and engage better with their peers on the other side of the screen.

Microsoft teams meeting right for your business

Screen sharing feature allows you to give killer presentations, giving an opportunity to close sales deals virtually. And background image saves you some trouble of finding the right spot for a meeting if you’re doing home office.

With Microsoft Teams you can easily schedule a meeting with your team and choose the timeslot that will suit all the required participants. You can also organize meetings with other members of your organization and external users even if they don’t have a Teams account. They will receive an email invitation with a link to the meeting that they could join from the web.

Microsoft Teams syncs with Outlook calendar. Therefore, all your scheduled meetings will automatically appear in your calendar.

Another benefit of Teams meetings is the ability to take and share notes using such apps as Whiteboard and OneNote. After the meeting, the notes can be shared in a post in a relevant channel.

Microsoft teams meeting whiteboard

And last but not least, with Microsoft Teams you can hold one-on-one and group meetings with up to 350 participants, as well as host live events for up to 10,000 attendees.

If this doesn’t convince you that you should use Microsoft Teams, what will?:)

4. On-the-go communication

Microsoft Teams is certainly the right tool for your business if you wish to support remote work. Teams allows you to keep in touch with everyone literally on the go. You can download a mobile app and have meetings, chat as well as make posts in channel through your phone. Your team will no longer need to use third-party messaging apps since having conversations in Teams is as easy as sending a message in WhatsApp. This will greatly reduce the risks linked to the use of shadow IT in your organization.

On top of that, with Teams you can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie thanks to the similarly named app that you can integrated into the relevant channel. This makes it an indispensable tool for first-line workers.

5. Secure Phone System

With Microsoft Teams you can replace your business phone system with a managed cloud service. This feature enables PBX business calling capabilities from within Office 365.

With Phones System with Calling Plans Microsoft Teams your users will be able to place, receive, hold, retrieve, and forward calls. You also get simultaneous ringing, call history, voicemail, and emergency calling.

6. Office Suite and third-party app integration

Even though most companies use Teams only for messaging and meetings, it is much more than just a communication hub. Microsoft Teams is integrated with the Office 365 Suite, offering flawless synergy with over 30 apps.

Each organization has its unique set of apps that they use most, which is why app integration is totally customizable. Moreover, you can explore new options of Microsoft and third-party apps in Microsoft Apps-source, and even build your own app.

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7. Security and compliance

Microsoft Teams is built on Microsoft 365 and Office 365 enterprise-grade cloud, delivering a high level of security and compliance. It allows users to log in with multi-factor authentication and ensures a secure guest access.

Teams additional security features include communication compliance for channels, chats, and attachments, retention policies, Data Loss Protection (DLP), eDiscovery and legal hold for channels, chats and files, audit log search, as well as mobile application management with Microsoft Intune.

You can learn more about Teams multiple security and compliance features here.

information protection in microsoft teams: right for your business

8. File storage

With Microsoft Teams you can forget about additional file servers: you can upload all your documentation to the Files tab in corresponding channels of your team. These files will be stored in your team’s SharePoint folder.

SharePoint Online is a document management and intranet platform where you store, collaborate, and share information seamlessly across the organization.

You can access your files both through Teams or SharePoint Online.

The beauty of storing your files in Teams is that it allows you and your teammates to work on the same document real-time and autosave any changes. These changes can be tracked and retrieved at any time, avoiding any potential information loss.

Learn best practices for file management in Teams.

9. Everything you need put together in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams serves as a platform that puts together all other communication and collaboration tools. Whether you need to chat with your colleague or the whole staff across the organization, have a meeting with a client, work on documents in real-time with your peers, plan tasks for you and your team or use third-party apps – you can do it all right in Teams.

Isn’t this reason is already good enough to convince you that Microsoft Teams is right for your business? Just wait… we have one more:)

10. Templates capability

It’s one of the features that is just starting to get the spotlight but hasn’t been widely used yet. Meanwhile, Microsoft Teams templates are real lifesavers if you need to create multiple teams on similar projects.

Templates are pre-built definitions of a teams’ structure that allow to create teams faster with already established settings, pre-installed channels, apps, tabs, and other elements, depending on the solution that you use.

Considering the increasing need for more advanced templates solutions, we at nBold have built Collaboration Templates that answer both IT and business needs of the company. They improve collaborative processes at scale, bringing technical part of new teams creation to minimum, enhancing end-user experience.

Collaboration templates capabilities bring teamwork to the next level, automating the process of teams creation without wasting any moment on repetitive tasks. Sounds interesting? Head over here.

Microsoft Teams is the right tool for your business if you want to empower collaboration, structure teamwork, support remote working and increase productivity.

Let us know in the comments below which points tip the scales in favor of Teams.

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