Microsoft Teams Templates for Deal Management

Deal management is a complex process that involves people from various departments. Therefore, it’s extremely important to organize an effective collaborative workspace that will bring together under one roof people with different areas of expertise. So, all parties involved in the deal management process can collaborate on trending agreements, manage allocations, and track conversations with potential borrowers and investors.  Since you’re reading this article, you probably wonder how to perform effective deal collaboration management in Microsoft Teams. Stay with us and we will throw light on how to streamline your work processes and improve collaboration with Microsoft Teams template for Deal Collaboration Management.  

Why do you need Microsoft Teams templates for deal collaboration management?  

Get structured Collaborative Workspace 

Your dealmakers and loan officers analyze tons of information every day. They need to connect borrowers and investors, analyze financial data, execute risk management processes, gain marketing insights, and so on. So how to organize your deal management process in Microsoft Teams and improve collaboration?  

The best way to do so is by creating a separate collaboration silo for each key deal. Thus, by creating teams in Microsoft Teams, you will provide your team members with a highly secured and efficient workspace. You can add your everyday apps, invite the right people who’re involved in the deal collaboration, share documentation, and manage team settings to execute deals.  

And with Microsoft Teams templates you can build this collaborative workspace just once and get deal collaboration teams that follow the same structure. Each time a new deal is created, you will get a fully customized collaborative place in a few seconds. This way, with Microsoft Teams templates you will structure your Teams environment, control team creation, and avoid mess in Teams. 

deal management Teams template

 Align deal management stakeholders from different departments   

As we mentioned before, usually people from different departments work on the same deal. Dealmakers, financial and legal professionals, client relationship managers, and others. So how can you align them? When you create a team for each new deal, you can add to it any person from your Office 365 environment. This means people from multiple departments will collaborate on the same project using their everyday tools.  

Moreover, with Microsoft Teams templates you can manage permanent membership to make sure each team is under the senior leadership’s control.  

Saving time and enhanced productivity 

Finally, with Microsoft Teams templates you will be able to save your time on building entire teams from scratch and searching for the required information. All your deal management teams will get all the necessary tools, documents, and content ready at place. This will allow your team to stay focused on closing deals in a highly secured and efficient way. 

Advanced Teams templates for Deal Collaboration Management – what will you get from the business perspective?  

Manage conversations via Teams channels  

With advanced Microsoft Teams Collaboration templates, all new teams created from them will include already pre-built standard and private channels. Hence, you can define all the deal management lifecycle stages that are repetitive from one deal to another. Add them to the original team just once and create new teams for deal collaboration with the same channel structure.  

For instance, create a template with the following channels:  

  • Planning  
  • Risk Management  
  • External Agents Onboarding  
  • Negotiations  
  • Rebate Management  
  • Monitoring and Reporting
Deal management Teams template

Thus, your deal collaboration team will have focused conversations in pre-built channels. This way, they will know exactly where to share information and documentation around different topics. As a result, you will avoid miscommunication and loss of confidential information.  

Improve your document management with copied files and folders 

Wondering how to guide your deal collaboration process? With advanced Teams template technology, you will create a team that already contains all required files and folders. To do so, you will need to upload just once your trading agreement templates, guidelines, customers history, invoices, etc. Everything will be copied to new teams created from the deal collaboration template. 

Teams deal management template with files

As a result, you can improve your file management from both inside and outside of your organization by creating a pre-built file and folder system.  

Get a pre-built set of tasks with Planner added at the template level 

Next, to improve your deal collaboration you can build a set of tasks for repetitive activities from one deal to another. Hence, your team members will know exactly which upcoming tasks they should focus on.  

Teams template deal collaboration with Planner

Build a Planner to collaborate on deal just once and add it as a new tab. This tab will be copied to each new team created from the deal collaboration template.  

Build your own SharePoint site with guidelines with Deal Management Teams templates

Next, provide your team members with your unique interface by creating sites in SharePoint. For example, you can upload financial and legal documentation, set up deal collaboration policies, add the list of investors and suppliers, and so on. Get everything in a one place to simplify your searching process and boost team collaboration. 

Teams template deal management with SharePoint

Add your SharePoint site as a new tab to the original team. And rest assured, it will be added automatically to each deal collaboration team created from the template. 

Build reports and monitor data using Power BI 

In order to steer your purchasing processes and sales behaviour to maximize profit, your team needs to build reports and track your new deal progress. Thus, your analysts must go through tons of data, analyze the earnings, and make predictions on expected benefits. To keep everything in one place, you can use Power BI. This Microsoft app allows to collect and store data from multiple platforms, and easily build visual reports.  

deal management Teams template with Power BI

Add Power BI tab to the deal collaboration template and streamline your reporting process. Improve forecasting, mitigate risks, and share results with your steering committee.  

Advanced Teams templates for Deal Collaboration Management – What will you get from the IT perspective? 

Advanced Teams collaboration templates allow you to create teams in a few seconds with all the necessary content. Moreover, you can manage Microsoft Teams governance policies while creating a template. This option allows you get strong and secured Teams environment to collaborate on closing deals and protect your data. Let’s see how it works.  

Create teams with the right names 

During the Deal Collaboration template creation, you may want to configure naming policies. This will allow you to avoid Teams sprawl and create new teams with pre-defined naming rules. So, with Microsoft Teams naming convention you can build dynamic or static naming policies with the pre-fix and suffix technology. Let’s go through some examples.  

Teams template naming convention

Suppose you’re working with clients across different sales areas. You may name your teams depending on the user location.  Thus, each time when a dealmaker based in Paris is opening a new deal, team created by them from the template will be named according to their location. For example, “Deal Name” – Deal Collaboration – Paris. Where “Deal Collaboration” is a fixed suffix, and “Paris” will be different from one team creator to another. 

Read more about the naming convention examples

Microsoft Teams naming convention

With Microsoft Teams Naming Convention you can perform any business scenario and allow your colleagues to quickly understand the purpose of the team. You can set up dynamic content for the naming policies depending on the Azure AD data or any custom attributes. 

Get the right people with the Permanent Membership  

Wondering how to get the same level of execution from one deal to another? Then add the permanent owners and members during the template creation. When configured, your managers, sales and operational executives will be added automatically to each new team created from the Deal Collaboration Teams template. 

Read more about Teams ownership and membership.

Microsoft Teams permanent membership

Moreover, you can add the mandatory number of owners or users to avoid ownerless and memberless teams.  

Control team creation from templates using Approval workflows  

With Approval workflows you can control your team creation process. So, each time someone is about to create a team from the template, an approver will get a Teams notification. Once the request is approved, team creation process will start immediately.

Read more about team creation with approval process


So, each time a dealmaker is opening a new deal, they will need to wait an approval from the operational manager to create a team.  

Define which templates your colleagues can use with Audience targeting  

Even though your deals could have the same structure, still they may vary from one sales area to another. To resolve this issue, you can create multiple deal collaboration Teams templates and define who can use them based on user data. For example, dealmakers with the different location or preferred language will see the different templates available.  

Microsoft Teams audience targeting

Deal Collaboration Microsoft Teams Templates integration with CRMs 

Finally, let’s discuss one more scenario. Let’s say, you store you customers history in the external CRM system, for example Salesforce. But to collaborate on closing a deal, you need to align your dealmakers with people from other departments who may not to have a Salesforce licence.  

To avoid loss of information and improve your deal collaboration you can integrate Microsoft Teams templates with any external app. That means, each time a new deal is opened in the external app, a team will be created in your Microsoft Teams environment with all essential content that we’ve outlined above.  

Hence you can automatically create teams from Salesforce records. You can also automatically delete or archive unused teams, manage Teams files into Salesforce, and much more. 

create opportunity team from Salesforce

Learn more about Salesforce and Microsoft Teams integration

This will allow you to improve your deal collaboration management and align people who use different tools into a single workspace.  

Above we described the capabilities of Microsoft Teams templates for Deal Collaboration management. You will get the same level of execution, team structure, and guided workspace across the entire organization. Moreover, you can manage governance policies and integrations to connect Teams templates with your everyday CRM system. 

Book some time with our team and we will find an ideal and unique solution that can be tailored by your organizational needs.   

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