Webinar – Deal Rooms in Microsoft Teams: Close More Deals. Faster

Webinar – Deal Rooms in Microsoft Teams: Close More Deals. Faster

In the modern world where practically all the business operations are done online, having digital deal rooms is becoming not just a convenience, but a necessity. If your organization is using Microsoft Teams, you can leverage the platform to create Deal Room teams that would facilitate communication with both internal and external stakeholders, simplify document exchange, as well as provide a safe and secure space for collaboration on sensitive matters.

Since closing deals requires group work of teams from multiple departments, Microsoft Teams suits perfectly for creating a central workspace where distinct teams can collaborate on each deal.

sales deal room Teams template

Together with the SalesTim Technology, you are able to create a Deal Room Template and automate creation of fully customized teams. It allows you to create teams from your own templates and enforce Microsoft Teams governance without hindering end-user experience.

To help you build your Deal Rooms in Microsoft Teams and understand how to make the most of them to close deals faster, we’re inviting you to join our webinar Deal Rooms in Microsoft Teams: Close More Deals. Faster 🚀🚀

sales deal room planner Teams template

When? – Thursday, October 7th at 11 am EST (5 pm CET) Save your seat

[Webinar] Deal Rooms in Microsoft Teams: Close More Deals: Faster 🚀🚀

Webinar Agenda

SalesTim founders Alexandre Cipriani and Guillaume Meyer will share with you how to:

  • Create fully customized Deal Room teams with Microsoft Teams Collaboration templates
  • Efficiently collaborate on each sales deal with Deal Room Teams templates
  • Share information from your Salesforce account to Teams and collaborate on sales deals with members of other departments
  • Automatically create teams from Salesforce records

To make sure you have all your questions answered, we will organize a Q&A session at the end of the Webinar and offer you additional educational content that you can familiarize yourself with after the Webinar. 

SalesTim is here to help you make the most out of your collaboration in Teams! Join our Webinar. See you ☺️ 

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