Office 365 and Salesforce – All the benefits for a Sales Professional

Are you a sales manager? Do you want to grow your business productivity? If yes, then we are sure you know the importance of your customers. No matter what is the size and type of your industry, what service or products you offer, customers are the valuable asset of an organization. And in order to have a successful relationship with customers, good coordination between the sales departments and other departments of a company is necessary so that salesperson can access the information, at the times they need to expand the customer-base or enhance business productivity.

However, sometimes teams aren’t able to respond instantaneously to the sales department which can create a mess between the salespeople and other employees; they may feel a bit lopsided. Hence, many companies are migrating to Office 365 and Salesforce integration. Not only it will help your employees to maintain a good relationship and work environment in the office, but also enhance your business productivity. Furthermore, it creates a bridge which allows you to connect with your customers quickly and offers consistent, remarkable customer experience.

Office 365 is a web-based version of Microsoft’s suite of office products and services, specially designed to facilitate office documentation, communication, and management tasks. Salesforce is the #1 cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that will streamline and automate your business processes. As a result, it improves all the aspects of customer interface, from sales and marketing to customer services. It doesn’t require any experts to manage; all you need to do is simply login and start connecting to your existing and new customers in the whole new way. It is the best way to bring simplicity, integration, efficiency, and visibility to your enterprise. It helps you to pursue your passion and enhance your business.

If you are also planning to use Office 365 and Salesforce integration, then it can turn out to be the best decision you can make for your company success. Before you go ahead, you need to know the benefits of Office 365 and Salesforce integration. In this guide, we are going to how Office 365 and Salesforce integration help you to enhance your productivity.

How Office 365 and Salesforce Integration is Beneficial for Sales Manager?

1. Get the Most Updated Database 

When your sales department uses Salesforce and rest of departments use Office 365 as a document management system, then by using Salesforce and Office 365 integration, you will get uninterrupted access to the database from multiple locations. It helps you to ensure that you get the most accurate and latest documents and marketing material while sitting at your own workspace. Not only it allows the sales team to choose the most valuable documents depending upon the client requirements and work conditions, but also saves their time.

2. Generate Business Leads

When you have a large database, how will you decide which lead source is relevant or create the most valuable opportunities? Well, Salesforce and Office 365 integration simplify this process by enabling you to know which assets create more business leads. Apart from this, you will be able to see which documents never get used at all. It will offer you an opportunity to revise those documents which can be further helpful in generating more business leads.

3. Streamline Sales Efficiency

From setting up meetings and follow-up reminders to generating emails and quotes, Salesforce CRM supports your sales staff throughout the entire sales cycle. It streamlines your business processes while saving your time and money which you can use on other important activities of your business. In fact, Salesforce provides a wide range of tools that salespersons may need during the conversation with customers. It helps them to organize their work which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base.

4. Safe Data Storage Space 

When you are a part of an organization, there is a lot of confidential information that can’t be shared with everyone. Office 365 and Salesforce integration helps you to secure your data by leveraging the customization of an access control feature. You can store all the confidential information such as your contacts, sales opportunities, activities, and schedule plans in one library and restrict other employees to get its access. By using this feature, only a limited number of people will be able to access those documents and information.

5. Improved Customer Services

When you have all the information at your fingertips, you will be able to offer better customer services. When your customers ask you questions, you will be prepared and respond quickly and efficiently. For instance, one of your customers has placed an order and now, he is asking about the expected delivery date of the order. Office 365 and Salesforce integration will allow you to access all the related information such as the date of order placed, shipping date, etc. It enables you to make an informed decision and respond faster which will further enhance customer satisfaction.

6. Track Your Customers

Salesforce tracks all communication with customers which helps you to know when your customers need to be contacted. For instance, for contract renewal, product replacement, to update them about your new products or services, etc. Not only it will enhance the chances of more sales but also delivers a message that you value your customers. It will impact your business reputation and help you maintain a good relationship with your customers.

7. Measure Your Business Growth

Salesforce automates the process of generating weekly and monthly reports of your employees. It helps you track whether each member is reaching department goals or not. Moreover, you can also generate real-time sales reports which will help you to analyze which product creates more sales opportunities. By this, you can make your action-plans and devise your strategy to retain clients and augment your business productivity and ROI.

8. Document Sharing

Salesforce allows you to have a dedicated document library to keep your files organized. You can easily share these files with your team members and people outside of your organization through the cloud server. It is especially beneficial for the organizations with multiple offices in multiple locations and their sales teams spread out geographically need to collaborate to serve clients. All you to do is, generate password-protected links for files and share that link with your team via email.

9. Reduces Repetitive Tasks

The workload of sales executives is extremely high. They spend most of their time doing routine tasks such as writing emails, calling, creating records, sending quotes, etc. If you want to save your time, then Salesforce can help you by automating your repetitive tasks. For instance, Salesforce has base calling functionality that allows you to make your calls with only one click instead of dialing phone numbers.

10. Saves Cost

Microsoft Teams and Salesforce have done a great job in reducing the unnecessary wastage of funds when dealing with clients. Although the cost of setting the integration is high, it provides you with faster access to information and enables you to make informed decisions. Moreover, it reduces the chance of errors and requires less staff to safeguard the information. The efforts and time that you spend to rectify those errors will be much costlier. Hence, it is surely a grand bargain.

11. Reduces Document Duplication

Office 365 and Salesforce integration is something that can help you handle your clients efficiently. The sales executives can schedule the meeting with their target prospects in the same geographical area where they exist instead of traveling to far places. However, with this integration, a sales guy can solve the client’s problems very easily because the central database can be accessed by everyone; you need not keep separate sheets for each contract. When someone adds information into a centralized database, it will automatically update the database in real-time and avoids the creation of various versions of the same document.

12. Enhances Communication

Office 365 and Salesforce integration helps you to enhance communication with your customers and enables you to provide them with a high level of services. Now Salesforce facilitates you to integrate your outlook account to provide you with extra details from the sender’s previous mail which might help you when documenting the entire project information. Moreover, it even gives liberation to add a new user to the workforce to share the details with your team. The best part is no matter if you access from a web browser, mobile phone or app you will get the same user experience.

The Bottom Line

While these were the benefits you can reap by migrating to the Office 365 and Salesforce integration, there are many more, such as you can access your documents from any device, it helps you rationalizing your sales, enhance your productivity, etc. Though is a primarily a sales tool, it can be used by all the departments as well. However, investing in Office 365 and Salesforce integration will not take your business to heights overnight; it is wise to take your sales staff into confidence. It will make their interest in learning this tool and help you in reaching your business goals.

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