nBold new Mothership: Station F!

At nBold we had a sort of celebration yesterday, we’re joining the Founders Program of Station F!

For those who haven’t heard about this amazing place, Station F is the biggest startups incubator in the world, welcoming around 1000 startups from all over the world, in Paris. Station F is the home of many programs, some core to Station F and many others from amazing Tech brands, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Zendesk, etc.

nBold has been selected to join one of the core Station F program: The Founders Program. Selected by a board of more 100 Entrepreneurs from 21 different countries, we’re very humbled having been chosen in joining the program, by successful entrepreneurs.

To share a bit more, here are the 5 pillars of the Founders Program :

1. You are an early-stage company

2. You are an active member of the community

3. You set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them

4. You are a sucker for resources

5. STATION F is your mothership

With the team, we recognize ourselves a lot in all these pillars, this what we apply every day. Ok, except for the last one, but starting in July on joining the Founders Program, we’re sure we’ll find in Station F a new Mothership.

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