Salesforce CRM


Benefit from an enhanced experience of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Collaboration templates. Automatically create structured teams for each Salesforce Accounts. Manage your opportunities from Microsoft Teams, work on files stored in Teams right in the Salesforce environment, and much more.

Collaborate on Accounts

Sync Salesforce Account with Microsoft Teams and automatically create teams per account with standard and private channels, pre-built set of tasks and guidelines, the right team members included, and much more. Read more 


Collaborate on Opportunities

Bring Salesforce CRM records into Teams to collaborate and close deals. Get channel notifications and Opportunities updates, chat with peers around each opportunity, etc.  Read more

Manage Documents

Access Teams documents from the Salesforce environment. Bring the power of Office 365 file management to Salesforce, reduce CRM file storage costs, and much more. Read more


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