File Cloning


Improve your document sharing and get customized teams already included, files and folders as well as tabs with files. Collaborate on guidelines and document templates, get access to the key documents through tabs, and much more.

Microsoft Teams Templates

With Files and Folders

Explore Microsoft Teams template features by nBold.
Learn how file and folder cloning works

Enrich your

Get new teams created from a template that already contains all the necessary documentation, such as guides, plans, legal docs, etc.

Improve Your Document Management

Automate file and folder cloning with Microsoft Teams templates. Better organize your workspace and improve collaboration on documentation.

Stay Organized and Save Your Work Time

No need to upload the same files each time when a new team is created. Structure your library, avoid mess in Teams, and save your work time.

Microsoft Teams Templates with Files

Learn how to build Teams templates with files in a few clicks


Create an Original Team

Create an original team just once. Add standard and private channels and upload all needed documentation and folders. Add guidelines, document templates, codes of practices – everything your future team needs to collaborate on. 

Build a Template

Build a new template in a few clicks. Just choose the original team, manage template settings, and save it to your own template catalog. 


Get New Team with Files

Just choose the right template each time you need a new team. All newly created teams will contain the content added to the template, including files and folders.

And Even More!

Copy SharePoint Library

SharePoint Library

You have an individual SharePoint library for specific types of teams? Build a Microsoft Teams template and add a SharePoint tab. Now, each team created from this template will contain the SharePoint tab. Simplify your document management and have quick access to all essential files.  

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Teams templates with files