Project Management


Learn how to drive both Microsoft Teams adoption and strong data governance with a naming convention, approval workflows, permanent membership, etc.

Project Management

Microsoft Teams Template

Explore Project Management Microsoft Teams Template Features by nBold. Improve your Project Management Collaboration Processes

Once Create The Original Team

Create an orginigal team on which you will base your template. Add standard and private channels, upload project documentation, build a set of project tasks, and customize tabs with apps.

BuildProject Management Template

Build a Project Management template from the original team and add it to your own catalog. Set up additional rules, such as a naming convention to get teams with the right name, and add permanent owners.

Get Teams Created For each New Project

When a new project is coming, create a team from the Project Management template. Get the right team's name, automatically added members, and all essential content.

project management Microsoft Teams template

Teams Channels

Get structured teams from one project to another with the same standard and private channels. Share project updates without a mess in teams and loss of information. 


Planner Templates

Get a pre-built Planner with daily boards and tasks when a new project team is created from the template. Run new projects without losing time on organizing your team. Read more


Files And Folders Cloning

Upload templates, guidelines, and other useful documentation and files just onceEverything will be cloned to new teams from your Microsoft Teams template. Read more

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