Microsoft Teams Templates


Build strong Teams Environment and improve your collaborative processes at scale with Microsoft Teams Templates

Public Organization

Create different templates for each of your new use cases, departments, and partners. Copied Channels, Tabs with Apps, Files and Folders cloning, and much more. Explore now


Finance and Insurance

Create your own Teams Templates Catalog and create dozens of fully-provisioned teams. Share documentation and high-secured files with SharePoint Library, Files Cloning with Teams Templates, and more. Read more

Construction Industry

Meet Deadlines, share documentation and improve your collaboration with Microsoft Teams Templates. Pre-built Planner, Templates with Apps, Files Cloning, and more. Learn more


Management Consulting

Build Teams Templates for each of your new customers. Create different channels, upload files and folders, connect any Microsoft or 3rd party app. Everything will be copied! Read more

Manufacture and Engineering

Research and develop tools, processes, technologies, and more with Microsoft Teams Templates, Automation Technologies, and more. Manage Naming Convention, Security Policies, Permanent Membership, etc. Learn more