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Grow your businesses and improve collaboration with Mergers & Acquisitions Microsoft Teams template. Create a pre-built collaborative space and mitigate any risk.

Standard and Private Channels

Get new teams with already defined standard and private channels. Single teams’ structure and organized communication will boost your team productivity.

Planner Template

Pre-build tasks for the M&A process and add them to the template so that your team has an action plan ready in place. Thus, each team created from the Mergers & Acquisitions template will contain a Planner tab with tasks for repetitive processes. Read more

Files and Folders Cloning

Upload guidelines, templates, and codes of practice just once to the team on which you’ll base your templateAll your files will be copied to each team created from the M&A template. Read more 

Microsoft Teams Governance

Merger & Acquisition Teams Template

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Microsoft Teams Templates

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