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Enforce effective content sharing with Microsoft Teams Templates. Learn how to build Microsoft Teams Templates with SharePoint

How to Build

Teams Templates wth SharePoint?

Explore Project Management Microsoft Teams Template Features by nBold.

Improve your Project Management Collaboration Processes

Create SharePoint Site

Create your own intranet with Communication or Team Site. Add Documents, Posts, News, Events – everything you need to stay up to date across your organization

Add It to the Template

Add your SharePoint Site as a new Tab in a needed Channel in the Original Team. Be sure, everything will be copied to your Team Template

Scale It Across Teams

Add your Template to your own Template Catalog according to your use cases. End-users will build different teams from your Template Catalog

Get a team created

SharePoint Content


Internal Intranet

Bring your Internal Intranet right to your Teams. Just add SharePoint Site with News, Events, Links, and other relevant content to your Channel Tab. Read more

Document Library

Perform ideal documents sharing with Teams and SharePoint Integration. Thus, you can add Document Library right to your Teams Channel. Read more


SharePoint News

Get SharePoint News right into your team in Microsoft Teams. As a result, your team members are informed about all organizational news. Read more

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Microsoft Teams Templates with SharePoint

Microsoft Teams Templates
with SharePoint

Explore Different Scenarios

Project Management

Members of the newly created team from your Template will be able to easily communicate with experts from outside of the project team. Read more 

Sales Accounting

Add SharePoint Site with Power BI Reports to your Sales Team Template. Thus, your team members will track sales results in one structured place. Read more


Business Department

Add SharePoint Site to a tab and it will be copied automatically to each team created from the template. Read more 

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