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Wondering how to improve your task management? Build Microsoft Teams templates with Planner and get dozens of teams with an already pre-built set of tasks.

Ready to go Planner

Build fully-featured Planner Template, no-code. Get new teams with readytogo Planner including buckets, tasks, notes, checklists, attachments, and much more. Read more

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How to build Microsoft Teams Templates with Planner

Microsoft Teams

Templates with Planner

Project Management

Automatically create customized teams for each new project. Include pre-built project tasks and get your team started straight away. Read more 

Crisis Management

 In times of crisis, it’s important to react immediatelyAddress any crisis with pre-built action plans with Planner and Microsoft Teams templates. Read more

construction site microsoft teams template planner

Construction Site

Get structured teams for each of your construction sites and provide your employees with a standard set of tasks. Read more 

Account Management

Get the same level of execution from one account to another with Teams templates and Planner. Build strong relationships with customers in a highly efficient way. Read more

account management planner template

New Acquisition

Manage your activities during the new acquisition process. Control documentation, timeline, and forecast financial flows with Teams templates and Planner. Read more 

New Store Opening

Simplify your store chain management and set up the structure with daily activities. Get the same teams created for each new store with the pre-built set of tasks. Read more

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