with Microsoft Teams Template

Automate team creation from Project Management template by integrating Jira with Microsoft Teams. Improve your collaboration and streamline processes with advance Microsoft Teams templates

Get teams for Jira projects

Build Power Automate workflow and get fully provisioned teams from your project management template each time a new issue is created in Jira


Sync with a channel

No need to create an entire team for a new issue? Automatically create a channel in the right team and set up naming convention with dynamic content from Jira

Delete or archive teams 

Reduce the number of unused teams and delete or archive teams each time an issue is removed from Jira  


Standard and Private Channels

Get fully provisioned teams from your own Project Management template with copied standard and private channels. Read more 

project management Microsoft Teams template

Cloned project docs

Upload project documentation just once and get newly created teams from the template with cloned files and folders. Read more 

Set of project tasks

Create Planner with a pre-built set of tasks with notes, checklists, and attachments. The planner tab will be automatically added to new teams created from your Project Management template. Read more

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Discover how you can improve collaborative processes with Collaboration Template, Teams governance policies, and integration with 3rd party apps

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