Microsoft Teams with Salesforce


Improve your account management by automating team creation in Microsoft Teams for each Salesforce CRM Account with your own template. Sync with a team or channel, automatically delete teams, manage properties, and much more.

Connect Salesforce

Manage integration with connected apps and Microsoft Teams. Connect Salesforce and collaborate on Accounts right from Microsoft Teams environment  

Sync with a team

Create Key Account Management template just once and get automatically created teams from the template each time a new account is created in Salesforce

create team from salesforce account

Sync with a channel

No need to create an entire team for a single deal? Get an automatically created channel in the right team to collaborate on deals with your teammates.

Delete or archive teams

Reduce the number of unused collaboration silos and delete or archive teams in Microsoft Teams when an account is removed from Salesforce.

Manage additional properties

Filter the Account creation or build any naming policies for your teams and channel with additional properties from Salesforce. Automatically create teams from the Key Account Management template depending on the account’s industry, annual revenue, etc.

Key Account Management
Teams Template

What will you get when a new Account
is created in Salesforce?

Automation for dozens of teams

Copied standard and private channels with all needed content to collaborate on deals and build strong relationships with your customers. Read more

Manage Sales Tasks

Pre-built set of tasks to manage daily activities and perform strategic planning. With Teams templates, there is no need to create a Planner for each new deal. Read more

Guidelines included

Add your internal tools or website to simplify the daily work of your account manager. Upload guidelines, execution playbooks, codes of practice, and so on. Read more

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with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams

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