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Get directly dozens of ready to go Microsoft Teams Templates with Channels, Tabs, Planner, for HR, Communication, Marketing, Office 365 Adoption, etc

Teams Templates Creation

Create Microsoft Teams Template from the Original Team with Standard and Private Channels, Files and Folders, Tabs with Apps, Settings, and more. Read more 

Microsoft Teams Governance

During the Teams Template creation, you can manage Microsoft Teams Governance. For example, Naming Convention, Permanent Membership, Approval Workflows, and much more. Read more


Templates Catalog

Add your Templates to your own Templates Catalog according to the different use cases. Allow your end-users to create dozens of teams from your own Ready to go Templates Catalog. Read more

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Project Management

Create Project Management Template and create dozens of teams for each of your new projects. Pre-build Planner, Tabs with Apps, Files cloning, and so on. Read more

project management teams template
Account Management teams Templates

Account Management

Build strong relationships with your customers. Create Key Account Management Template to quickly build a team for new customers. Get a fully customized team with Channels, Tabs, and Files. Read more

Sales Deal Room

Build a strong environment for each of your sales teams. Standard and Private Channels, Tabs with Apps, Files Collaboration, Salesforce Integration, and so on. Read more

sales deal room microsoft teams template files
Account Management teams Templates

Crisis Management

Collaborate on every crisis in your organization and create a Crisis Management Template. Quickly react to any changes with fully provisioned teams. Read more

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