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Research and develop tools, processes, technologies, and more with Microsoft Teams Templates, Automation Technologies, and more

Microsoft Teams Template

Build Teams templates for onsite operationsproject management, customer case, and other use cases. Build standard, shared, and private channels, upload files and folders, connect and pre-configure any Microsoft or 3rd party app

File Cloning

Upload safety guidelines and regulations, issue resolution templates, customer requests, project requirements, and other documentation that will be useful for future teams based on your templatesRest assured, they will be cloned to all newly created teams. Read more

Connect Any App

Using your line-of-business applications or third-party apps for managing projects, customer relations, shifts, etc.? Connect them with Microsoft Teams Templates using nBold APIs. Explore now

Governance Policy

Configure Naming Convention, Audience Targeting, Security Policies, Permanent Membership, and other governance policies required for your consulting firmSet up a strong Teams governance without additional charge on IT. Learn more

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