Microsoft Teams and Asana – Improve Your Project Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is one of the top collaboration tools used by companies of all sizes worldwide. Connect it with your favorite project management tool, and you’ve got all you need to successfully manage projects with your team. Let’s have a look at how to do that through Microsoft Teams and Asana integration.  

Organize your project work with Asana 

The need for digital collaboration tools has increased, especially now that the global pandemic has changed our way of working. And one of these tools is Asana – an app that enables businesses and organizations to manage their tasks and projects and allows users to connect and collaborate more efficiently.  

Asana is a great productivity tool that helps connect your teams that work remotely. In addition, it can be integrated with other tools you are already using, for instance, Google Drive or Microsoft 365 products including Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Teams and Asana integration you can build an ideal digital workspace to collaborate on projects. But first, let’s go through some basic Asana capabilities.  

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Create multiple projects and improve your tasks management 

So, as we mentioned before, Asana allows you to manage multiple projects and improve your task management across the entire team.  

Here you can create different tasks by splitting whatever work you have. Those tasks can be broken into smaller units called subtasks that should help you to easily complete your work. Moreover, you can customize your tasks by attaching files right from your computer, Google Drive, and so on.  

Asana create tasks
Asana – tasks actions


Next, you can assign created tasks to any individual in your project team. Also, you’re able to specify due dates and times for the completion of delegated tasks to improve your task management and foster project collaboration. Moreover, Asana allows you to create the same task for several people. This means you can delegate multiple tasks to an entire project team.  

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Finally, create a new project and add already created tasks or build new ones and delegate work to your team members. Thus, your colleagues will have an ideal digital workspace to collaborate on projects and execute them successfully.  

Asana – Project Actions

As a project manager, you should stay on top of the work and often manage multiple projects with Asana. You can organize and share your projects as lists or boards to keep track of all your meetings and programs. 

Next, you can receive notifications regarding updates on tasks that you’re keeping track of.  And what we really love, Asana has a sort and filter option. This allows you to see tasks in the order of priority as well as task status.  

create projects Asana
Your secret weapon for tracking work of all kinds

Now we know the basics of the Asana app – tasks and project tracking. But the truth is there are tons of additional more advanced capabilities. For instance, you can set up different workflows and build Asana rules to streamline your processes and operate more efficiently.  

Asana allows you to set up workflows using project lists and board views. While creating a new project, you can add columns for each phase of your workflows. When one stage is completed, you can simply slide it to the next one.  

Asana – workflows management

Don’t forget to set up your workflows as templates so you can quickly repeat the process following the same procedure. 

Finally, with Asana you can keep track of details of multiple projects by making notes of some of the trends in your business models. You can see forecasts of how long projects will take, see which team member is having difficulties or how often a customer is going to require your services. Capabilities are endless!  

Microsoft Teams and Asana integration 

As we mentioned before, Asana can be integrated with Microsoft 365 products, including Microsoft Teams. Why are organizations searching for Microsoft Teams and Asana integration? Well, let’s go through one example.  

Let’s say, as a project manager you work with Asana to manage different projects and track their progress. At the same time, your team uses multiple Microsoft 365 productivity tools for their everyday work activities. For instance, they may use Outlook to communicate with external agencies, SharePoint and OneDrive to collaborate on internal documentation, and finally Microsoft Teams as a single platform that brings together each employee from different office locations.  

So how to align all these tools? How to build a structured workspace for your team and bring their everyday tools under one roof? With Microsoft Teams and its integration with tons of apps, you can perform any use case related to your unique business need. Let’s delve into project management with Microsoft Teams and Asana.  

Project Management with Teams and Asana 

Suppose you need to run a new project and connect people to collaborate on it. First, you may want to create a new team in Microsoft Teams to provide your team members with a digital workspace for collaboration. Create standard and private channels, add the right people, and start your project conversations.  

project management Microsoft Teams


Second, integrate your everyday Microsoft 365 products to perform daily activities. Upload the necessary documentation and files with project guidelines, add SharePoint sites, create Forms to collect project reports, etc.  

Finally, connect 3rd party apps such as Asana to boost your team productivity and efficiency. Together, Asana and Microsoft Teams give your project teams the confidence to plan, organize, and collaborate on multiple projects. 


And here are some basic capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Asana integration. 

First, you’re able to convert Teams conversations and meetings into Asana tasks. Thus, you will collaborate on project tasks and keep work connected without having to leave Teams. Moreover, you can create, assign, and view Asana tasks during a Teams meeting without the need to switch to your browser.  

Microsoft Teams with Asana
Microsoft Teams with Asana

Next, you can share Asana tasks, projects, status updates, and Portfolios with your project team in Microsoft Teams. For instance, you can share tasks and project details with stakeholders and provide the relevant details even if they don’t have an Asana license. 

How to use Microsoft Teams with Asana

Finally, you’re able to receive important notifications in your own “My tasks” in Microsoft Teams. As a result, stay updated on the information you need in Asana while staying focused and connected in Teams.   

Asana integration with other Microsoft 365 products 

Next, Asana may be integrated not only with Microsoft Teams, but also with Outlook, Power BI, Azure AD, and so on. But today we would like to discuss Asana and Power Automate integration. As you may know, Power Automate is a unique platform where you can build any automation flow to improve your business processes. This works amazing when you need to streamline your Microsoft Teams processes, no matter if it’s about document sharing, task management, or setting up additional notification and automation. And you can build the same for Asana!  

You’re able to set up customizable processes and automatically trigger actions in Teams based on activities happening in Asana. Let’s walk through the most popular examples.    

Thus, you can set up Teams notifications when something happens in Asana. For instance, post Teams message when a new project is created in Asana.  

Power Automate Asana

In the same way, you can notify your team when a task is created or completed in Asana.  

power automate asana

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Improve your project collaboration processes with Collaboration Templates and Asana 

Finally, we would like to go through one more scenario with you. So, we explored how to use the Asana app and how to perform effective project management with Microsoft Teams and Asana. But how do you streamline collaboration?  

Let’s say, you’ve created a team for a new project in Microsoft Teams and connected the Asana app to simplify your project information sharing. But what if you need to manage dozens of projects? You will spend so much time creating teams for each new project and uploading there all essential content. 

In addition, you may wonder how to templatize your project management collaboration and make sure your project teams follow the same procedure from one project to another. Well, we have an ideal solution for you.  

With Collaboration Templates, you’re able to templatize your project collaboration and get the same level of execution from one project to another. This includes:  

  • Pre-built collaborative workspace to share project information, including private channels for sharing highly secured documentation.  
  • Set of project tasks to improve your tasks management and make sure your team members will know what to do when a new project starts.  
  •  File templates are already at place, including project reports templates, guidelines, codes of practices, and so on without the need to upload them each time to a new team.  
  • Your everyday tools are already integrated and pre-configured to simplify your team collaboration.  

What does it mean? It means that with Collaboration Templates by SalesTim you can forget about manual team creation, mess in your digital workspace, and wasting time. Just choose the right template in your own Templates Catalog and get an ideal collaboration workspace for each new project in a few clicks.  

Moreover, SalesTim offers integration with 3rd party apps, including Asana. It means you can connect Collaboration Templates with your most-used apps and perform any use case. Based on APIs technology, SalesTim connects project management apps, CRMs, and other tools with Collaboration Templates to empower your collaborative processes across the entire organization.   

Get teams created automatically for each project in Asana 

And now, let’s delve into some basic capabilities. With Collaboration Templates and Asana integration, you’re able to get a pre-built collaboration workspace each time a new project is created in Asana.  

create project teams from Asana

In fact, the technology works on Power Automate capabilities. With the SalesTim connector for Power Automate, you’re able to perform any business scenario. In this case, we would like to show you that you’re able to get a collaborative workspace with the right people and all the content we’ve mentioned before for each Asana project.  

Sounds great? In addition, with SalesTim actions for Power Automate, you’re able to:  

  • Create teams for each Asana project with SharePoint libraries that are different from one team to another  
  • Get teams created with the right name (for example, name of the project in Asana) 
  • Delete or archive teams each time the related project is deleted in Asana 
  • Approve team creation to prevent Teams sprawl, and so on  
salestim actions Power Automate

Capabilities are endless! Contact our team and we will find a unique solution for you that will empower your collaboration at scale!  

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