Supercharge your sales process

Deal Room by nBold bridges information gaps between users of Microsoft Teams and Salesforce to increase productivity, and close deals faster from a single fully equipped workspace.

Salesforce updates in Teams

Receive automatic Teams notifications whenever something important happens in your CRM: deal stage changes, deal amount, closed wons – you decide!

Sales aligned
with other teams

Connect the sales team with other members of the staff who don't have the Salesforce license, so they can get their support at the right time.

Guidelines translated into
actionable framework

Know the what, when, where and how. Everyone in the team is on the same page and can start collaborating immediately.

Automateyour sales processes

Deal Room for new opportunities

Once your sales rep creates a new Salesforce record that matches your filters – a Deal Room will be created automatically from your own Template Catalog

Create team from Salesforce in Microsoft Teams

Sales team alignment

Align people working from different platforms in a single workspace and rest assured, your sales reps get the support from Sales Experts at the right time

Notifications on deal updates

Your sales members will see the last Record’s updates, such as Deal Stage, Amount, and more. Even without the Salesforce License

Organized workspaces

Clean your workspace and manage your data even after a deal is closed. It’s you who define whether to keep it or delete permanently

Stay updated on CRM activities

No more switching between platforms and manual sharing the details from the CRM. Your team is focused on the CRM updates, such as Deal Stage, Amount, celebrating Closed Deals, and more

Align Your sales team

Align your sales team working from their CRMs with the rest of the team who is involved in the sales process. Connect your team with sales experts and leaders so they can get their support and expertise at the right time

Provide guidelines for repetitive process

Get the Collaborative Workspace for each important deal with file templates, board of tasks, guidelines, playbooks and best practices. Achieve operational excellence from one deal to another

nBold works with your everyday apps

Forget about inefficient integrations! Get everything needed in one place. CRMs, project management apps, or even your internal platform – each tool for collaboration works in alliance to simplify your work and streamline collaboration with self-service process that is very easy to use.